Dripping from the quill

Well, this is awkward.

It’s been almost a year since I got my feet wet into this indie web / neo-retro-00’s web jam, and the idea of having a website of my own was first conceived in my head. And here I am scrawling its very first few sentences.

This couldn’t be more characteristic of myself, though. Theoretic knowledge is my passion—the object of my insatiable, uncontrollable consumption. And the more I devour, the worse I am when it comes to its actual, hands-on practical application. I get distracted and demotivated. I don’t see the destination on the horizon, and the journey loses its charm and credibility. So I quit. Over and over.

And when that “over” skips a beat, the essence of the thing gets steered to the side by sheer perfectionism. Swarms of little pictures overshadowing the big one in the grand, meticulous preparation to “do it right,” which it never is.

I’ve put in a whole weekend into putting together this tiny webpage, yet it’s only Sunday afternoon that I’m jotting this down. All that remaining heap of time—wasted on setting up the writing/dev environment catered to my specific, obstinate demands. What you’re reading right now is:

Would I have found no joy in coding this in plain HTML in Notepad? No actual passion spending this year writing for a sake other than getting paid?